Summer Crew

Jamie Hey everyone! My name is Jamie and this is my first summer at Windmill. I can't wait for this summer to start and to be part of the Windmill family! I will be at the horse barn with Jennie as the new barn counselor. I've always been known as the cowgirl in my family and I'm excited to teach campers about these incredible animals! During my free time I love to travel with my family, spend time with friends and be outdoors! I just finished my sophomore year at Shippensburg University and I am studying to become an occupational therapist. After I graduate, I hope to work as an occupational therapist for children because I love working with children and helping others. I look forward to meeting everyone soon and having an awesome summer!(:

BíA-Say Hello, Iím BíA-Say. After two years of being a J.C., I am finally a counselor at Windmill, and I have never been so psyched! Next year, I will be a senior at C.B. West, and then I plan go off to college to study chemical engineering. My biggest goal is to be an author, but at camp, itís to have fun! I love joining in on the activities (whether I have mastered Ga-Ga or Doctor Dodgeball yet or not), and as a counselor, I know the fun-horizons will only expand. Summer may not be my favorite time of year, but camp is easily my favorite part of the summer.

Ashley  Hello Windmill Campers and Families, I'm Miss Ashley! I'm excited to be starting my first summer at Windmill. I will be working part of my week as the art teacher and the other time helping out around camp. I graduated from Bloomsburg in 2012 with a dual degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education and I'm so glad to be working with children. When I'm not at work, I like to spend time relaxing by my pool, going to the beach, bowling, going to a Phillies game, taking photographs (one of my hobbies), baking yummy treats (another hobbie) and most of all spending time with my friends and family. I can't wait to meet all the campers and have an awesome summer!!

Nikki  Hey guys, my nameís Nikki aka Snickers. This is my second year as a camp counselor and I love being apart of the Windmill gang! I graduated from Rider University in May 2012 with an Elementary Education and Fine Arts degree with an art concentration. I am currently a teacher assistant at an intermediate school in Flemington, NJ and absolutely love it! I was born and raised in New Jersey and I wear that title proudly (you can probably spot me by my accent) . When Iím not teaching Iím usually hanging out with my friends and family and enjoying the outdoors. I canít wait to meet everyone and get this summer started!

Heidi  Hi there gang! My name is Heidi New and I am a returning Windmill alumni! I came to Windmill first as a camper and then continued and became a C.I.T and a J.C. Now, after a few years hiatus, I am returning as a camp counselor. When Iím not at Windmill, I am studying hard to become a music teacher at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA. I LOVE to sing, and you will be able to see me in many of Windmillís past drama productions. I also love to play piano, read books, and drink a nice cold cup of iced coffee on a hot day. I canít wait to get the summer started! I know itís going to be super fun!

Shep  Hello! My name is Shep, on Wednesdays Iím known as Shep-hop, or if Rhe-Rhe is around its Sheppy. This will be my forth year at Windmill as the dance specialty counselor and a general counselor. I graduated from Kutztown University in May of 2012 with an Elementary Education degree with a concentration in Reading. I was on the Kutztown University Dance Team for four years and just finished my first season as a member of the Bearfoot Dance Team, a semi-professional dance team in Somerset, NJ. Be on the lookout for some awesome dance moves during the counselor dance at the end of the drama production!! Donít be shy and dance along with us! : )

Miss Becca Year two, here I come! I am beyond excited to spend my second summer at Windmill! I am currently a Special Education/Elementary Education major at Kutztown University. Hanging out with my family and friends is an essential part of my life, that and a healthy dose of ice cream (or Fro-Yo)! When I find myself with free time, nothing makes me happier than reading a good book in the sunshine!

Ellen (Sporty Spice) I have been at Windmill for camp since I was 7. I graduated from C.B. West in 2011, and I am now attending Ursinus College, with a major in Exercise and Sport Science, on my way to becoming a Health and Physical Education teacher. I love being outside and playing any kind of sports, but especially softball. If Iím not at Windmill playing kickball and doctor dodge ball, you can most likely find me on a softball field, or rollerblading around with friends.

Ashmo My name is ASHMO, formally known as Miss Ashley. I have been part of the Windmill family for 5 years now. I recently graduated from Shippensburg with an Elementary Education degree with a concentration in Mathematics. Besides all that formal stuff, I count down the days until I can play Dr. Dodgeball again each year. I race home every Friday to see how many pictures I am featured in each week. I look forward to learning the counselor dance each year! And last but not least, I hope to win the GaGA tourney this year for my dearest friend Sponge.

Miss Marie ďthe drama ladyĒ has been putting together Windmillís slightly-off-Broadway musicals for 10 years. A Temple University Theatre grad, she has taught or directed at Stagecoach Theatre School in Bluebell, Philadelphia School for Performing Arts and Central Bucks School District. She also works as a professional actor, and has performed at Players Club in NYC, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Walnut Street Theatre and Media Theatre. However, she can be seen at any time of year toting around a Windmill script book, planning the next show.

The Rest of Our Gang

Dorko  THUNDERCATS ARE GO!! Hi, my name is Miss "Dorko" and I've been a member of the Windmill gang for almost 18 years!! I recently graduated from Shippensburg University with a degree in Elementary Education and am pursuing my teaching career in the local school districts. You may see me out in Doylestown at "Coffee and Cream" sporting my bearded lady "get up". It gets me through the line faster on First Fridays.....hint, hint, Cookie Dough is my favorite!

SINCE 1989

Miss Pammy  AKA Pam the Clam, is in her 22nd year here at Windmill, which according to her is her "Gold Rolex" Anniversary. Me-maw, as she is referred to by her grandchildren, is an avid marathoner. When she is not juggling camp life or her own classroom, she can usually be found logging 9 minute miles around Peace Valley!

SINCE 1985

Rhe-Rhe  Hi Magic Rhe Rhe here!! As part of the Lowenthal Family, and undoubtedly my mother's favorite, I have worked at Windmill since the day I got working papers at the ripe age of 14! Since then, I have been helping inside classrooms and outside at the horse barn. Other duties include: anything Pammy tells me, anything Silverstein tells me, etc... Occasionally, when time permits, I run off and work on a film project, dressing rich and famous people. When I grow up, I want to be a Professional Polo Player!

SINCE 2004

Mr Dion  Dear Diary, It's me, Dion, or Mr. Dion. Or is it DASH? Or is it the Noid?...
Anyway, I have made the decision to dust off my journal to write about my amazing adventures at WDC. I feel that it is safe to declare myself a "LIFER" after spending the last 17 years and counting in this beautiful slice of heaven found on Chapman Road. WHAT?? You don't know what a lifer is?! Well, to sum it up, they will have to hog-tie me to keep me from having the time of my life! I've held countless miscellaneous jobs and with each one the magnet in my heart draws me closer to the best camp this side of the Louisiana Purchase! I am honored to be at the helm of THE BEST SPORTS PROGRAM.. EVER! Moulding stars such as Joe Montana, The Shaq, and Richard Petty. Shucks.. I even taught Michael Jordan how to! During the "off season", i keep myself busy by shaping the minds of Kindergarteners, along with Miss Jen (Gram) and Miss Lisa (Streets). So what else can I say, Diary? I truly am living the life of a King.. well, except that no one feeds me grapes and I don't get my way all the time. But it is safe to say that I'm not going come on down and say hey!!
xoxo Dion

Miss Lisa Silverstein  "Stine", "Baywatch Barbie", "The Oldest Sister", etc...- Since coming home from Harvard (or was it Dickinson?) in the mid eighties (in jams and vans), Silverstein has been heading up operations at Windmill Day School and Camp. A lifetime member of MENSA, she can often be found scurrying about micro-managing her brother and sister. Hubby Adam and son Ari have been known to exist on a diet of corn flakes and diet soda in response to her inability to boil water! And rumor has it she got an hour of sleep last june! We love you Groucho!

Miss Sharon  "Shar-Shar" or "Castaldi" as I like to call her, has changed more than a million diapers in her twenty years here at Windmill. Most famous for pulling her wagon with toddlers in tow, she is finally growing one of her own. We wish her luck on her 3 day hiatus and look forward to little Castaldi-West coming around soon!

Miss Sarah  In her 21 years at Windmill, Miss Sarah has been crowned "Potty Training Queen." When she is not working diligently with her older toddles, she can be found over at Froehlich's Farm, helping out the family, or riding around with hubby Benny in some cool classic car!

Miss Jennie Upton  "Uptown" or "Miss Jennie" I have been a part of the Windmill family for twelve years now. It is hard to believe that I started back in the first grade and now I am looking forward to going to college! During the school year I spend my time with Miss Pammyís and Miss Reneeís amazing class every Monday and Wednesday afternoon. During the summer season you will find me at the horse barn teaching campers about my favorite animal!!

Miss Tori  Hi! Iím Miss Tori and I am a senior at Central Bucks High School West. Iíve been at Windmill since I was 6 weeks old! I have two younger brothers; Brett and Aidan. Aidan is in Miss Dee Dee and Mr. Dionís class! I work at windmill in the summer, but this is my first time being a staff during the school year! I love working with children and I enjoy being a part of the Windmill family!

SINCE 2001

Miss Lisa Street  I joined the Windmill family ten years ago. Over the years I've had the opportunity to work with all age groups, from toddlers to Ks. I graduated from Gwynedd-Mercy College with an elementary (K-6th) teaching certificate. Miss Jen Devlin and I have been working together as kindergarten teachers for a total of four years, and might I say we're a fabulous duo!! Along with several of my fellow Windmill co-workers, I enjoy running, tire pulls and staying active. You can often find me running in several of our local 5Ks throughout the year. Here at Windmill, nicknames are often given to staff, students and parents. Several years ago, I was called "Streets"....and well, it stuck. You can also find me here in the summer working with the youngest campers. I feel blessed everyday to be able to work at an amazing school and camp.

Miss Jen Devlin AKA "Gram" Hi! Just taking a minute to let you know a little bit about me. I have been at this fabulous facility for a little over 12 years now and I must say that it is great to be a part of the family. I started as a pre-k teacher then moved up to Kindergarten and have been there ever since...I refuse to graduate!! Together Lisa Street"s" and I run a great program focusing on the individual child and preparing young minds for a successful elementary school experience! During the summer months, I can usually be found in the kitchen, rustling up lunches and snacks for campers and staff. When I am not on the Windmill property, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two children at the Poconos or the beach.

Paging Doctor Kate! On call to handle things from bumped heads to bee stings to boo-boos, Iím a recent addition to the Windmill teaching family, but WDS and I go way back Ö all the way to 1995! Yes, thatís right: I was once a camper, and Miss Pammy still remembers my sister Icky! These days, I can be found in the Pre-K classrooms getting my alphabet on, but Iím always ready to bust out my Queen of Hearts impression! Simon Says "off with their heads!"

Miss Erin  I am very excited for my first year at Windmill! I've been in education for five years now, first as an assistant for a preschool autistic class, then as an elementary resource teacher in New Jersey. I recently moved to Perkasie with my hubby, Mike, and our two dogs, Ruby and Codey. When I'm not at Windmill teaching art or Pre-K, I can am spending time with family and friends or at the ballet studio rehearsing and taking class.

Mr. Bobby  "Boom-Boom" is whom we like to refer to here as a Windmill "lifer". Bobby began at Windmill when he was six months old and has yet to leave. Along the way, thirty short years later, he has acquired a high school diploma, a college degree, a full-time "gig" at Del Val, never ending college payments, a Commercial Pesticide Applicator Certification (only to impress all the ladies), an American Red Cross CPR and First Aid Trainer Certification (accepts weekend "gigs" to pay for upcoming diapers), two dogs, one wife... and a baby on board! In the summer Mr. Bobby can be found immersed in sunscreen, zinc oxide, and his swim shirt down at the pool, training future Olympic hopefuls. During the off-season Mr. Bobby works at Delaware Valley College as their Athletic Trainer. Bobby's fab five things to do include: Walking his beastly dogs, Jake and Bailey, chlorinating the pool 24/7, DQ Blizzards, listening to Lisa's obsessive mantra about "Safety", and finally, standing on concrete for no less than ten hours per day! Arriving as one of the first students in diapers, isn't it funny how the cycle comes full circle, and in a few short months HE will be the one doing the diaper changing!

Mr. Noah  Hi guys, Mr. Noah here, and welcome to Windmill. I am profoundly proud to be a part of something that started a very long time ago by my mom... Continuing on today with my two sisters, Lisa and Rhe-Rhe, along with an amazing group of individuals making up the Windmill family. I hope you find your family's experience at Windmill as wonderful and magical as I think Windmill is for me. Welcome...

SINCE 2007

Miss Sam  My name is Samantha Hogan and I have worked at Windmill since the summer of 2007. It is wonderful being able to watch the children of Windmill grow in more ways than one from summer to summer. I recently graduated college with a degree in Elementary Education. I love to get on a horse and fly like the wind, it makes me feel free. I love just hanging out with my friends being silly and playing crazy rummy.

Miss Dee-Dee  I have been a part of the Windmill family since 1995. It all began one day at the Toddle House, but now you can find me teaching Pre-Kindergarten in the BIG school! When summer rolls around you will find me working as a lifeguard... but more importantly, workin' on my tan. I do have two children of my own, Cameron & Carter.... well, three if you count my husband Mike!

Mr. Vinnie  Hi I'm Vinnie or Vincenzo when Miss Lisa is feeling international! I've been at Windmill for 14 years now. First as a Camper, Cit, then JC. I finally reached full fledged staff status three years ago. I graduated from Central Bucks West in 2009 and am currently a sophomore at Bucks County Community College, majoring in Fire Science. I have been a volunteer firefighter with the Chalfont Fire Company for 3 1/2 years and counting. Favorite movies and tv shows are Backdraft, Ladder 49, and Rescue Me!!



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