Sara Torpey, Windmill Parent

The teachers are amazing, and turnover is essentially zero – they are wonderful, caring, kind people, and they stay (in the world of child care this alone is amazing) because they get what a special place it is, and that they, the teachers are part of the magic.

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It’s hard to leave your children somewhere everyday for someone else to look after them. Windmill makes that a little easier as they treat our children like family. Thank you to all of the awesome WDC Team … it takes a village and we’re happy to have found you!

Kevin Handy, Windmill Parent

Our kids started at Windmill for summer camp. Our daughter learned to swim. Our son was potty trained in just a couple of days! Both of our kids got to horseback ride, swim, go on hikes, and participate in a play the school puts on every year.

Kristen L. (Facebook Review)

My brother and I went to Windmill over 20 years ago and some of our best childhood memories were made there. I now have my daughter enrolled and she has been a student/camper since 1. I love the owners, the teachers and the camp counselors! They go above and beyond to make each day an educational and memorable one. I highly recommend Windmill!

Tia W. (Facebook Review)

Our son LOVES attending Windmill! He is more willing to try new things, has become a better eater, got off his training wheels faster and most importantly, he has continued to become a kind, happy, well-adjusted kid. His personality is growing and he's comfortable in so many social situations. Parenting comes first, but Windmill is a great extension of it. The teachers are excellent and the education provided is top-notch. Our favorite thing is how much the kids are outside and out in nature. So important at this age! Thank you, Windmill!!

Bucks County Orthodontics

Windmill has been a great experience for our family! We love that the kids go outside everyday; and that in addition to the excellent curriculum, they teach them independence, kindness, manners & resilience.

The LaRose family

Good morning Windmill

It’s been two years since our kids attended Windmill, but the memories live on! Nothing like going through the amazing scrapbook Miss Pammy made for Greyson on a Sunday morning. This is such an absolute treasure. All the work put into this book of memories and cherished photos .... there are no words. Greyson is now in 1st grade and doing well at Linden. He is an avid reader and is loving acting classes at “lights camera acting”. We continue to talk about Windmill to friends or others with young kids and miss the Windmill family! Hope everyone there is doing well.

Also, Macy is in 3rd grade and also doing well at school and earned the Principals award again (she earned this award in 1st as well). Super proud parents and super thankful for their early education (academic, character, and overall life skills) at Windmill! It has set them up for success!

Sara Torpey, Windmill Parent

We have been members of the Windmill family for 5 years now. Our youngest will be there another two years (and our older child still wonders why they don’t have first grade!). Windmill has been, and continues to be, far above average in every possible way.

Megan Bentz, Windmill Parent

We are so happy we made the move from a private nanny to a school setting. Our daughter has thrived at Windmill; becoming more social, kind, thoughtful, and intelligent. The school offers a fun learning environment and tons of outdoor time!

Samantha Zotter, Windmill Parent

Windmill has a very family-like feel compared to the cookie cutter day cares out there. We especially love the daily student interactions among the different ages. All the classes go on a fantastic walk right before lunch time down to a beautiful park and back.